Jim Spohrer at ISSIP 2017
Jim Spohrer at NSF ISSIP Workshop 2017

On March 29 and 30, 2017, Yasaman Moghaddam, Jim Spohrer, and Stephen Kwan hosted the ISSIP/NSF Workshop, Industry-Academe research partnerships to enable the human-technology frontier for next generation smarter service systems, in San Jose, CA (ISSIP Workshop NSF Award; Twitter #ISSIP-NSF; ISSIP). One of the important ideas at the heart of this community is that the provider-consumer dialectic is obsolete, and that the future of service systems is in the co-creation of value — in the design and playing of win-win games. The workshop agenda and all of the slides from the talks, as well as other materials, are available here: http://servicescienceprojects.org/ISSIPNSF/FinalAgenda.htm.


NSF ISSIP Workshop 2017
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